Thank you for supporting this ministry.

There are a several things to consider before giving.
Many people have told me that they would like to give
a gift directly to me as the pastor of Grace
Bible Community Church to help my wife and I just
continue to live in Connecticut. So there
are three ways that you can give to this ministry.

First:  thru paypal as a gift to Rodney.  Please
avoid giving through Paypal if at all possible.
Paypal takes a portion of your gift so it doesn’t all go
where you are intending.  This is a non tax
deduction gift. You will not receive a receipt
at the end of the year for this gift.

Second: The preferred method if you want to give
to pastor Rodney directly.
you can send a check  made out to:
Rodney Beaulieu
165 Harding ST
New Britain CT. 06052
This will not be a tax deduction either.

Third: you may send a donation to Grace Bible Community Church
that will be tax deductable for you.

Please make the check to:
Grace Bible Community Church
705 North Mountain Rd
Newington  CT. 06111

For giving directly to the church, You will get a year end
tax receipt that you can claim as a tax deduction.

Thank you very much for supporting us in whatever way you choose.

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